My expectations and thoughts at the beginning of the course; am I a digital literate?

So, I have just started an Open Network Learning course and there are a lot of thoughts going through my head regarding my own participation and also the topics that we will cover. I realized very quickly that although most of my work is done on a computer and I feel comfortable using a range of different programs as a researcher I am an absolute beginner  at this. There are a lot more to discover than SPSS (my stats program), Facebook and Skype. So the question is: am I a digital literate? Before starting this course I think I would have answered yes, I know my way around the digital world, I own several computers, I have a smartphone, a tablet, I pay my bills on-line, order stuff I need on-line, I interact with my friends on-line, I make a lot of presentations in .ppt. etc. But after browsing the course tools for a few minutes, not recognizing any of them, my answer is NO, I know a few things that are close to home, but have never seen the world, and the world is BIG. Starting this course is feeling a lot like when I went abroad alone, to the US, for the first time at nineteen. Before waving to my parents and passing through the security check, I knew then that I would gain a bunch of new experiences on the journey, had no idea what they would be, but was extremely excited to find out.

Over and out, don´t let the digital illeteracy  bite!!!


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