The issue of time

Before I started this course I had read the course brief and knew that participation would require a lot of my attention, this is a challenge. But, it is also an amazing opportunity to be able to learn in a course via my smartphone on the way to and from work, before I go to bed and listen to a webinar during my lunch break. During the first couple of weeks I have learned about several new tools that can be used in teaching, any type of communication and presentations via my fellow group members (Go PBL group 8!!!). When I have heard of something new I have instantly turned to the course tools and google to find out a bit more. This is when the real challenge begins. To actually become a skilled user of these amazing tools takes a lot of time, and this cannot be done on the buss. In topic 1 I have realized that I am a lot like the teacher described in this scenario and that the tips and suggestions the group have come up with are all things that I can use myself. How´s that for an insight!!! Very clever design of this topic, did actually not see this coming when we started….

My main take home message for the first couple of weeks is that I think I will choose two or three tools that I will focus on and try to learn how to use while attending this course. That would increase my current knowledge within this field with 200-300%, and that is not bad!


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  1. Yes, it’s so important not to try everything at once. Learning a new tool takes time and will involve some failures and mistakes. Some people give up too quickly. With some tools it will be “love at first sight” whereas others take time to get to know, and “love” may develop later on 🙂
    Slowly but surely you will build up your own personal learning environment with a toolbox and networks that suit you.


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